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"Direct to Crematorium Cremation"

only £732 plus disbursements.


If our traditional funeral service is not what you require, or you want a more cost effective option then perhaps a Direct Cremation is for you...


Direct to Crematorium

The ‘Direct Cremation’ option means that the cremation will happen in a private simple way usually early in the day and with no time in the crematorium chapel for a service or gathering. Your reasons to choose this option could be that:

  • Your loved one who has died stated that they did not want a formal ceremony

  • You, family and friends may want to hold a memorial service at a later date

  • You may all just want to remember the deceased in your own way and not need a formal service for this

  • It could be that this is just how they would have wanted it! (and choosing this option doesn’t mean that you love them any less)

For all these reasons our simple ‘Direct Cremation’ option could be appropriate.

The Direct Cremation Fee: £1,395 (including disbursements)

The fee includes:

  • Local collection and care of the deceased during office hours.

  • Care of the deceased until the funeral day

  • Liaising with Doctors or Coroner as required

  • Doctors' fees

  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is completed and that it reaches the correct authority

  • A simple cremation coffin

  • Transportation of your loved one to the crematorium using one of our Hearses

  • Cremation fee

  • includes scattering of cremated remains at our chosen crematorium

  • you can collect the cremated remains directly from the crematorium yourself, to take home

  • For us to collect the cremated remains for you - additional fee of £90


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