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At Wombourne Funeral Services regardless of your request's or budget we endeavor to provide the highest value with an extensive range and choice of products that cover the funeral service from start to finish. The experience you have with us is ultimately as important to us as the services and products we offer. 


We work to put your needs first by enabling you to make decisions and supporting you where need to make informed choices and ensure a smooth process. We have a transparent approach, we do not hide from what we do, or make anything unclear to you in any of the process. We anticipate and respond to your needs respectfully, letting us take the pressure in a difficult time for you. 


Choosing A Coffin

One of the hardest aspects of arranging a funeral is choosing a coffin. For some, the visual and physical entity of a coffin can be distressing but this is a natural part of the grieving process and one that should not be rushed. 


We offer an extensive range of excellent quality coffins and our arrangers will talk you through the options available to help you choose which coffin is most appropriate for your needs. The decision you make may ultimately be influenced by the following factors:

  • The personality or wishes of the deceased

  • Ethical requirements and “green” coffins

  • Aesthetic appearance

  • If there’s a budget in mind


If you would like to request a specific coffin that we do not include,

we would be more than happy to source an alternative for you. 

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